About VHC

Vets in Northern VirginiaThe Veterinary Holistic Center is Northern Virginia’s only facility dedicated to holistic veterinary care services. VHC provides comprehensive, integrative therapies to complement your pet’s current veterinary care.

Working with you and your regular veterinarian, we aim to improve your pet’s quality of life and effectively treat chronic conditions. We will coordinate closely with your veterinarian for detailed records and status updates, as well as to discuss and align care and treatments.

Our approach is optimistic, open-minded, and holistic; we consider all available options and the overall physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of your pet.

Holistic veterinary care can be beneficial in treating a variety of health issues in dogs and cats, including: mild to severe mobility impairment; spinal injuries and disc disease; pain due to injury or arthritis; skin problems; allergies; kidney disease; pancreatitis; Cushing’s disease; diabetes; Addison’s disease; hypothyroidism; urinary problems; digestive issues; separation anxiety and other behavioral issues; effects of chronic exposure to vaccines and other medication; and seizures and epilepsy.