An Introduction to Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Published on: 01/24/18 8:32 AM | Category: holistic treatment options, wellness

by Jordan Kocen, DVM, MS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist “Holistic Medicine” has come to mean any of the non-conventional medical systems. Alternative and Complementary are also terms that are used to describe these medical therapies. At this time all nutritional supplement tends to be classified as Holistic and it is assumed that a “Holistic” practitioner is […]

Are you cat food savvy?

Published on: 06/8/16 10:24 AM | Category: cats, diet & nutrition, wellness

Guest blog by Terri Grow, owner of PetSage and creator of Wise Feline How knowledgeable are you about what your cat’s nutritional needs are and your choice of food?  Take this quiz to find out. 1. Cats are finicky because: a. they can be. b. want to frustrate you. c. they may be seeking select nutrient(s). […]

Litter Box Etiquette — Your Manners Impact Your Cat’s

Published on: 05/19/16 1:02 PM | Category: cats, Stress, wellness

by Janet Foley, DVM Too often litter box problems go unsolved for a long period of time before a client consults with a veterinarian.  For these cases, a quick resolution is often difficult to come by. See your vet sooner, rather than later. Know the basics of litter box rules and cats: Most cats prefer […]

Taking a Holistic Approach to Your Pet’s Seasonal Allergies

Published on: 04/13/16 3:29 PM | Category: allergies, holistic treatment options, wellness

by Jordan Kocen, DVM Spring brings warmer days, but also seasonal allergies. When the body is exposed to allergens it sees them as invaders and creates an inflammatory response to get rid of them.  In people, this usually occurs in the eyes and respiratory system where mucous is created to trap and flush the invaders.  […]

Kisses and treats – but not the chocolate kind – for your pet’s valentine

Published on: 02/8/16 11:32 AM | Category: diet & nutrition, holiday, wellness

by Janet Foley, DVM I bet your dogs and/or cats are on your special valentine list, like mine are.  And, most likely, they will all receive a special treat for this cupid holiday. But as responsible pet owners, we need to be vigilant about all the candy in the house. We know you’d rather spend […]

Resolve to care for your pet more holistically in 2016

Published on: 01/18/16 6:46 PM | Category: diet & nutrition, holistic treatment options, wellness

3 easy tips to start by Jordan Kocen, DVM, CVA The start of a new year prompts many of us make resolutions – to change or create habits, make improvements, or do something new. Unfortunately, if you are like the majority of folks, February then finds you disappointed and discouraged because your goals were too […]

Fireworks and pets – a stressful combination

Published on: 08/9/15 1:26 PM | Category: Stress

by Kim Kamphaus It’s really no surprise that many dogs and cats dread the 4th of July holiday. Loud noises, particularly for prolonged periods of time, strike fear in many of our beloved companions. For this upcoming holiday weekend, take some extra steps to avoid undue stress for your canine and feline friends. 1. Be […]