Kisses and treats – but not the chocolate kind – for your pet’s valentine

Published on: 02/8/16 11:32 AM | Category: diet & nutrition, holiday, wellness

by Janet Foley, DVM

I bet your dogs and/or cats are on your special valentine list, like mine are.  And, most likely, they will all receive a special treat for this cupid holiday. But as responsible pet owners, we need to be vigilant about all the candy in the house. We know you’d rather spend a romantic evening with your sweetheart than in an emergency veterinary hospital.

Dogs love the smell of chocolate but even a small amount of chocolate can be harmful to a smaller dog. Be sure to keep your human treats high up on a table or safeguarded in a closed cabinet where no one can help themselves to a snack. When your children bring home candy and gifts from school, be sure everything is put securely away from nosy canines and felines.

All of us at VHC hope your valentine’s day is filled with furry friends and slobbery kisses.VHC-valentineFBCOVER-012216