Resolve to care for your pet more holistically in 2016

Published on: 01/18/16 6:46 PM | Category: diet & nutrition, holistic treatment options, wellness

3 easy tips to start

by Jordan Kocen, DVM, CVA

The start of a new year prompts many of us make resolutions – to change or create habits, make improvements, or do something new. Unfortunately, if you are like the majority of folks, February then finds you disappointed and discouraged because your goals were too numerous, unrealistic, or more difficult than you anticipated.

Well, your pets will love you regardless of your success in losing 15 pounds, saving more money, or training for a marathon. And your pets are one area where resolutions can be easy to achieve and maintain. For 2016, how about resolving to care for your pet more holistically? Here’s how:

1-review-diet-pet-wellness-2016  Review (and adjust if needed) your pet’s diet. Like humans, pets thrive on nutritious, whole foods. Their diet – again, just like ours – can be the first line of defense when it comes to illness as diet sets the foundation for good health. So, read the labels and evaluate ingredients critically. Feed a variety of high-quality foods with minimal processing.

2-alternative-treatement-pet-wellness-2016  Educate yourself on alternative treatment options. For example, you may know that acupuncture can help with mobility issues, but did you know it can be an effective treatment for skin allergies and digestive conditions, too? Learn more about the breadth of conditions holistic, alternative therapies can treat.

3-therapeutric-therapy-alternative-vet-wellness-2016  Integrate alternative therapies into your pet’s treatment plan. Just because your regular veterinarian doesn’t offer acupuncture or therapeutic massage doesn’t mean it may not be a good option for your dog or cat; nor does it mean your vet doesn’t support it. At VHC, we work with your regular veterinarian to complement care plans with holistic options.


These three achievable, realistic resolutions can start the year off on the right foot (or paw).  Cheers to a happy, healthy, and more holistic 2016!