Special Event | Living with a Happy Healthy Cat






July 26, 2016

Learn more about your cat’s health, constitution, diet, and environment to optimize their wellness and happiness at this special workshop.  The agenda features lectures, Q&A, and panel discussions.


Who’s in the Cat Suit? – an intro to using Five Element theory on constitutions and disease susceptibility

Dr. Jordan Kocen, Veterinary Holistic Center

Cat Event JK

What a Cat Wants – from your cat’s perspective, what your cats need to feel they are in a nurturing environment

Patty Summers, PS Animal Communications

Cat Event Patty Summers

Is Your Cat’s Food Nurturing Health? – the links between diet and disease and using food as a therapy

Dr. Eleanor Thompson, Compassionate Veterinary Alternatives & VHC

Cat Event Dr Thompson

Feeding the Finicky Cat – insights in to your cat’s palate, food addictions, and commercial manipulations

Terri Grow, PetSage & Wise Feline

Cat Even Terri Grow

Panel Discussion on Diagnosing Disease and Integrating Holistic Therapies –

with Dr. Kocen, Dr. Thompson, Terri Grow, & Dr. Pema Mallu, Holistic Veterinary Healing

Cat Event Panel