C. Booth

At the age of 2, Sweet Pea was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We immediately began a treatment plan consisting of chemotherapy and holistic veterinary care. Dr. Kocen recommended treating her with Chinese herbs and Acupuncture. At the time she was diagnosed she was given 6 to 9 months, four years later, Sweet Pea is still in her first remission and doing great. Today, she is happy, healthy and enjoying a very good quality of life.

L. Lemen

We brought Callie to see Dr. Khoury after she had been treated for Inflammatory Bowel Disease for 2 months. We thought we had done all we could but were willing to explore new ideas, including acupuncture and holistic medicine. Dr. Khoury examined Callie very gently and then told us, in the most compassionate manner, that holistic medicine and acupuncture take time to work and that she didn’t think Callie had that much time left. She then gave her some acupuncture and Callie slept peacefully for about 20 minutes. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Khoury. She was incredibly kind and empathetic to all of us – she obviously “felt our pain” and she handled our meeting so compassionately. It was what we needed and we were able to euthanize Callie the next morning. Thank you Dr. Khoury for being so kind to all of us at a very sad, painful time. And she didn’t charge us! She is an angel!

J. Koszycki

Two years ago our Golden Retriever, Mabel, was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer found after the sudden rupture of a tumor in her spleen. After emergency surgery and several days in the ICU she was discharged with the devastating prognosis of only 3-6 months expected survival. We were so sad at the thought of her suffering any more and the idea of treating her with chemotherapy just didn’t feel right. I am so glad I trusted my instincts because a few days later I was referred to Dr. Eleanor Thompson by another Goldie owner whose own dog was treated successfully by Dr. Thompson using holistic practices. Dr. Thompson carefully reviewed Mabel’s case and worked with me to put in place a plan to treat Mabel with diet and the use of supplements, herbs and acupuncture. She was so encouraging, patient and generous with her time and knowledge as I learned about how to care for Mabel and implement the plan. She continues to be supportive, responsive and amazingly dedicated to Mabel’s continued good health and as a result Mabel is a two-year cancer survivor. She has not just survived however, she has thrived! Mabel is happy, healthy and has a tremendous quality of life. Our entire family is beyond grateful for what Dr. Thompson has done for us and Mabel.

A.H. Dorr

Monty has two inoperable masses in his lungs and very bad arthritis. When diagnosed with the lung masses in June 2014, the internist gave him 4-6 months to live, at most. I have been treating him with holistic medicine only for 15 months and he’s still with us. Monty receives acupuncture for his arthritis and Chinese herbs and homeopathic remedies for the masses. Dr. Kocen has guided us through every complication and I sincerely believe that Monty would have died many months ago if it wasn’t for Dr. Kocen’s care and advice. I am a licensed veterinary technician in a “conventional” practice, but have embraced holistic treatments for my dog since conventional, western medicine had nothing left to offer my dog.

G. Ashby

I brought my first dog, Topaz, to Dr. Kocen in 1998 as a “last resort” in the words of her vet. Within weeks, Topaz was walking again and the vet left that practice to study acupuncture! Tag started seeing Dr. Khoury in 2008 for mild hip dysplasia and, although she no longer enjoys the car ride, she hops for joy every time she sees Dr. Khoury! I’m not sure if I should be jealous but I do know that Tag is still taking daily walks at age 14.

C. Warger & P. Eavy

We first met Dr. Kocen almost 20 years ago when our primary veterinarian encouraged us to contact him about our Maltese, Tiger, whose patellas were luxating significantly. Not only did Tiger respond to the treatment positively, but he regained a lot of mobility. Since then Dr. Kocen has treated five of our dogs. He has extended their lives and enhanced their quality of life for such issues as renal failure, pancreatitis, heart failure, overall wellness—and more luxating pitellas. He is a very gifted and extraordinarily brilliant doctor. His positive leadership style extends to his professional staff who also go above and beyond to make you always feel comfortable and cared for. We feel very blessed to have Dr. Kocen and his practice in our lives.

J. & N. Bloomer

Dr. Kocen treated our deaf, hypothyroid, brain- and nerve-damaged Great Dane, Nina. A neurologist gave Nina a life expectancy of approximately one year, but with Dr. Kocen’s help she lived a full, comfortable life of 7-½ years. When our second Dane, Maya, developed age-related mobility problems, we turned to Dr. Kocen and he again went above and beyond when it came to her treatment plan. He recently started treating our newly adopted “senior” Dane. Signs of improvement were noted immediately after the first visit and there is no doubt in our minds that Buddy will enjoy a better quality of life under Dr. Kocen’s care. In our 27 years of joint pet ownership, we have been the clients of many veterinarians and have found Dr. Kocen to be the most passionate about what he does. He takes the time to inform and educate us and ensures that we are on board with his chosen course of treatment. We trust him explicitly and would highly recommend him to anyone considering holistic medicine for a beloved pet.

N. Russell

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kocen for acupuncture. I was a coordinator for a Great Dane rescue for almost a decade and I recommended him to all our rescuers. He’s so knowledgeable and does a great job educating his clients about acupuncture and how it works to help the animal’s body heal. Dr. Kocen genuinely cares about your pet and goes above and beyond to help them. I’ve been taking my Danes to him for nearly 10 years!

K. Jacobs

My cat, Anna, has been seeing Dr. Kocen for almost 5 years. We started acupuncture to aid in her slow recovery from vestibular problems. Dr. Kocen works with Anna’s other veterinarians and with me to be current on how she’s feeling, her treatment plan, and what her medical file says. There is no battle between Eastern medicine and Western medicine. Anna gets the best of both worlds.

N.& T. Mayes

At the advice of a neurologist, we took our Great Dane, Fletcher, to see Dr. Kocen for an evaluation. At the age of two, Fletcher had just been diagnosed with Wobbler’s, a disease impacting his cervical spine and mobility. Dr. Kocen recommended acupuncture and herbs. The results were astounding, not only for his Wobbler’s, but also for his inflammatory bowel disease and allergies. We went for help with one problem, not realizing the positive impact it would have on his other myriad health issues. There’s no doubt that Dr. Kocen and his care of Fletcher are what kept him mobile and improved his overall quality of life. The experience made us into believers and proponents of holistic therapies.